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Om Evenemanget

En kväll med pinfärsk fritt improviserad musik med gästande musiker

Medverkande: Dario Fariello (saxar), Paul Pignon (blås), Girilal Baars röst, vevlira

Dario Fariello is a saxophonist and violist devoted to improvised music. He studied musicology at the University of Bologna, where he co-founded the Bologna improvisers Orchestra. In 2010 he moved to Berlin to work with Tristan Honsinger and DJ Kolonel Blip; there he founded Multiversal, a nomad festival series featuring a wide international network of improv and noise musicians.
Now based in Oslo, his current projects include: ZGB, Sciardac, Farantimm, In Its Own Tempo and an active collaboration with the contemporary music composers Alexander Chernyshkov and Marina Poleukhina.

Together with Norbert Stammberger he organises the yearly festival Tubax Super Session in Munich, dedicated to the Tubax saxophone and other special instruments manufactured by Benedikt Eppelsheim.

Pail Pignon was born in the UK 1939. Unfinished Ph.D. in physics at Oxford. He lived in Yugoslavia 1962-1985 and since then in Sweden. Composing in and out of real-time since 1961. Also has form as software engineer, translator and martial arts practitioner.


(Torsdag) 19:00 - 21:00



Dragarbrunnsgatan 53

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